Sign up Forms

What sign up forms do you have?

When your customers sign up on forms, perhaps paper or more likely to be on your website, what are they signing up to receive?

In order to book, order, purchase, register or other on your website or with your company, what form does the individual fill in? What details do they have to submit and what are they told will happen with their information.

There needs to be a clear statement to inform the individual, why you are collecting the information and what you are planning to do with it. See section on Privacy Policy and Privacy Notices (4).

If you want to send them future marketing emails you must tell them. If they are purchasing something, you may send them future emails about your goods and services, as long as you give them a clear opt out at the point of collecting this information (you may say: please click here if you would rather not receive any further marketing from us). Any marketing email you send must always have an ‘unsubscribe’ on it.

If they are not purchasing goods or services form you, then you need to get a clear ‘opt-in’ to receiving future emails. If you think you already have ‘opt-in’ but it may not be up to date or you can’t be clear how they got on your email list. Then you need to send a re-consent email. Your information must be up to date and you must be sure the individual wants to hear from you. You could send an email along the lines of:

We have been sending you our newsletter for a while, but we need to be sure that you still wish to receive this. Please confirm your consent here, so we can continue to send it to you.

If we don’t hear from you, we will have to stop sending this [newsletter] in future.

We would love to stay in touch with you, so please click here to carry on receiving our emails, so we can keep you up to date with [news, offers…]

It may be a good idea to give them two places where they can click. Think carefully about the title of the email, the bit that displays in the few words they initially see. Something like:

Don’t miss out; Please respond; We don’t want to lose you; Confirm your consent; Stay in touch…etc.

GDPR Step 3

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