Understanding Twitter Marketing

Twitter is a Marketing tool

Twitter is a very cut down and simple version of Facebook. In fact it would seem that Twitter basically is just a Facebook status update (but restricted to 140 characters!) Simple functions of Twitter would involve tweeting, using hashtags, using @ tags to publicly contact people, and send people personal messages.

So – if it’s all this simple how can people be making so much business out of it?

Every company has a profession, and if you’re seen to be a professional in your field then it would make life a considerably easier for you when it comes to making sales.

Professional in your field

Twitter is a marketing tool

Twitter is a marketing tool

To be seen as a professional within your profession on Twitter you will need to answer questions concerning your profession, so now you need to be the first person to answer the questions, meaning that you’re going to have to be one of the first people to see the tweet that was asking the question.

This is where the Twitter search comes into play.

Twitter search

Every public page on Twitter whether it’s a profile, a search, or your Twitter home page – they all have RSS feeds connecting to them.

RSS feeds are a way of syndicating information, and so stay up-to-date constantly.

So carry out a search on Twitter for your profession and see what others are saying on the subject.

Any questions that you can answer you should answer publicly using the @ tag and replying to the person who originally asked the question.

Twitter Marketing

Once you’ve found your profession through the Twitter search then you need to grab the RSS feed for this search term (RSS feed link in the bottom of the right hand column).

With RSS feeds you can either subscribe through an email client like Outlook or Thunderbird, or use an online feed reader like Google Reader.

Now every time someone talks about your chosen profession it will appear in your feed reader and notify you.

Tweet Deck

Want to make things even easier for yourself? Download an application called TweetDeck – Here you can have multiple Twitter searches open at the same time and you will get updates direct to your desktop application.

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