How to find out your Google Page Rank

Google Page Rank is an approximate score provide by Google to every website on the internet, your Google Page Rank will determine what page you can be found on and naturally the higher your Google Page Rank score the more easily you can be found by potential clients the Google page rank is enhanced by high-quality links that come from other websites.

Whats your Google page rank?

Whats your Google page rank?

Good quality links are a well know way to sustain a good page rank from Googleand are considered to be one of the best ways of optimising your website and enabling the search engines to find it.

For a quick and easy check on your website’s “Google Page Rank” click on this link.

So why is Google Page Rank so important? If you achieve a higher page ranking on Google your web presence and ultimate visibility will also increase. You are probably already aware that if your customers can’t find you they won’t be able to buy your products (or services) so if you need help to improve your page ranking, your web presence or to totally upgrade your website – Apex offers a variety of internet marketing solutions; each is tailored to the needs of your company, many of them are related to or connected with improving your Google Page Rank.

Many of our readers will be aware that Google Page rank is now unsupported – But Google is still using the data to track your sites, so in some ways, it becomes less important – but to maintain the quality of your SEO it is still vital, so maintain the quality of your site at all costs.

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