GDPR Preparations

General Data Protection Regulation is the new EU data protection law, coming into force on 25th May. When this law comes into force, we will still be part of the EU. However, when we Brexit, there will be a new Data Protection Act which will mirror the GDPR.

The GDPR awareness session (3), will explain in a bit more detail, what the GDPR is all about. In order to become compliant with the GDPR you will need to work through the subsequent steps.

  1. Map your data and list your purposes
  2. What sign up forms have you been using?
  3. GDPR awareness session
  4. Privacy Policy & privacy notices
  5. Data Agreements with third parties (applicable in certain circumstances)

Each of the steps are easy to understand and follow, click on the link below to begin.

GDPR Step 1

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