How understand the NHS Cyber Attack

Thousands of computers in nearly 100 countries have been impacted by the “Wanna Cry Ransomware”.

This is just in case you are interested in the NHS hack, or have been hit by the Ransomware/Virus or Cyber-attack.

Ransomware has the potential to encrypt your entire file system and lock you out of all of your files and then charge a fee to unlock your system.

Once your computer is infected the process becomes much more serious and difficult to resolve, as a safeguard you should always =

  • Do a complete backup of anything important on your computer – Back up your files, back up your photos, back up your music and any other important files.
  • Make sure you have up-to-date virus/malware protection.
  • Install the latest version of Windows software.
  • Make sure you have the latest patches running, all the windows updates are installed and running.
  • If you are running an earlier version of Windows = Windows XP, Windows Server, Windows 8 are all vulnerable, windows 10 is also vulnerable if you are not up-to-date with the latest patches.

If you want to understand the effect and impact of the “Wanna Cry” virus.

If you have the Malware, and need to remove it (Fairley advanced procedure).

If you have the WannaCryptor ransomware and need to remove it.

If you are still having problems – give us a call.

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