Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the procedure used to increase visibility for a website within the search engine result pages. The process is a blend of relevant content on the website, accurate meta and header tags and receiving a good selection of high quality links from other websites, once the procedure is in place the only other thing needed is a good flow of traffic from your audience and the search engines.

Much of the work we do focuses on SEO in and around Swindon, but naturally we will focus on your main Apex SEOmarket place or locality. From our offices in Swindon – the SEO is designed to be well targeted to bring you good results from Google and the other search engines and to bring you a steady flow of new customers eager to spend their money buying your products.

We always start the process by analysing the existing text that supports your website. Apex Business Support will work with you to accomplish a high ranking position within the search engines.

The latest updates from Google show that is putting all of its energy in to the mobile market, considering that mobile traffic has long surpassed desktop traffic. One of the primary ways Google is prioritising mobile is by giving users the ability to complete an extensive search from all devices, including tablet. They are also allowing users to target mobile users exclusively.

SEO1Google has an ever changing formula of more than 280+ points which go in to the mix, the average site owner can only manage a small number of these attributes and so can only focus on the important changes that are offered by Google.

Given enough time and knowledge everyone could improve the search engine position, the downside is that we can’t all commit the large number of hours that it would take to consistently improve the search position.

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