Company Logo

What makes a good logo?

A good logo must be good to look at

If your logo is not easy to identify or you can’t tell what it is meant to be it has already failed, your company logo needs to not only look good and “arty” it must appeal to a wide variety of viewers and be clearly indicative of the subject material.

A good logo must be easily scalable

If the logo is large but complicated, when you shrink it down to use in a letter head or compliments slip, it will be small and confusing. The logo must look just as good large or small, use the minimum of colours, it should work equally well in black and white and in colour.

A good logo must be easily recognisable

If you are unsure what the logo represents your clients will have the same problems, the logo must work well in any colour, format and any size, this isn’t to say that you will change any of the elements, but if it works then this issue will never be a problem.

A good logo must induce a positive image

If your logo conveys a positive and tidy image it is easy to relate the image to the good will your customer will expect to get from your product, on the other hand if the image is in anyway questionable, then the same will be perceived about your company. Many company logos are let down by poor quality or difficult to read fonts.

A good logo must have good impact

What is the first thing you see when you look at a logo? Does it make the necessary impact, it should capture your interest and grab your attention, if you have made the right impact with your customer he will remember you without difficulty, he may not need what you are offering today or even in the near future but if you have made the right impact he will know how to track you down. The logo will be remembered long after he has forgotten your company name or who you are.

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